Thursday, March 29, 2012

First blog....babbling???

Welcome to my blog. I have never done this before. Not sure if I will get a following or people will just think what a weirdo this chick is and never come back LOL My name is Samantha, i prefer to be called Sam. I have been called that all my life !! I am currently 40 years old and am a self diagnosed celiac. I know it sounds bold of me to proclaim myself as a celiac but to my surprise i have come across alot of people who are indeed self diagnosed as well. I will explain my self diagnosis later. The reason i am starting this blog is to help educate others. I hear myself explaining time and time again about celiac and the knowledge i have of it and what causes it etc etc. might as well write about it !  If i can give one person out there some hope or comfort by sharing my knowledge then i feel it is worth my time to type out what i know regardless of how time consuming it will be....i know right now it isn't but i can see it becoming that way once i get motivated to do this on a regular basis!
I am not 100 % sure right now where i should start . I would appreciate some ideas from anyone. Feel free to ask questions or express concerns. I will do my best to address any and all ideas. 
I will try to compose a list of sites i have found helpful or interesting. I will certainly give my opinion on foods i have tasted . I will even try to post some of my favorite recipes or go to foods. 
Oh by the way the picture above is indeed a creation of mine. I call it a crustless quiche. It was delicious but with room for improvement. 
This is all for now ...please do leave comments...keeping them clean is all i ask ! 
See me again soon as i start planning my blog and shaping it into something that is helpful to me and hopefully many others !